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Mazamitla Green Forest

Mazamitla Magical Forest

Mazamitla Magical forest is a Town with Green Forest come and dare to explore charming town of Mazamitla on a marvelous guided tour of the most interesting attractions.

As you lose visual contact with the developed world, you’ll be treated to an unspoiled display of Mother Nature’s finest.

Mazamitla, a magical town surrounded by oak and pine trees that shape its architecture.

Mazamitla Green Forest in the mountains of Jalisco Mexico

There are lots of outdoor activities like walking to the rivers, horseback riding,drive an ATV through Mazamitla pines on a tour that explores the forests surroundings.

Discover Mazamitla, a magical town, and explore a typical town deep in the nubious forest surrounded by oak and pine trees that shape its architecture.

Mazamitla Magical Forest

Part of the Sierra Madre known as Mexican Switzerland. Arts and Crafts are produced and displayed on the main streets of this Magical town in Jalisco.


Learn how to join us for a Mazamitla adventure with 3 or more people starting at $59 USD each from Guadalajara.

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Hot Air Balloon in Tequila Jalisco Mexico

Hot Air Balloon ride over Tequila

Hot air balloon ride in Tequila Jalisco is for those who dream floating like clouds and see the world from above, this is the your perfect adventure.

Expert and licensed Pilots will rise into the air with unmanageable views; appreciate the mountains, the agave landscape, and the clean atmosphere. A special moment like this has to be celebrated with a toast.

During the flight, our ground crew presents a customized “Will you marry me?” sign with your partner’s name as the balloon floats overhead. When we land, a delicious mexican buffet is served.

This early evening tour package includes a premium champagne toast. Visit a tequila distillery to see the process of production of the tequila and then enjoy a professional tasting experience of tequila.

Hot Air Balloon ride over Tequila

Admire the beautiful tequila plants landscape from the sky.

The most traditional white drink of the country is a fundamental pillar of the economic and cultural growth of the region.

Its cultural inheritance has a relation with several centuries that left archaeological monuments and constructions of great artistic, architectural and historical content.


Dare to live through this rare adventure in a hot air balloon in Tequila, only one hour away from Guadalajara.

Best things to do in Guadalajara Downtown

If you’re looking for things to do in Guadalajara, head over to the Centro Histórico. Admire the beautiful architecture of Guadalajara´s Cathedral with a stunning neo-gothic style.

Discover the most important landmarks, in a beautiful carriage ride tour. Appreciate the beauty of riding at night, see all the lighted monuments.

Visit Hospicio Cabañas. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the biggest hospital complexes in America. See the breathtaking Orozco´s paintings, all of them create an incredible optical illusion . The building itself as a rich history and the art exhibits are some of the best we’ve seen in Mexico.

Teatro Degollado is a Mexican theater known for its diverse performances and artistic design. Many performances from cultural Mexican dances to international operas, take place in this building.

Guadalajara is the second largest city in México. Fall in love with the beautiful traditions and stunning architecture.

GDLUZ 2019

GDLUZ es la tradicional celebración en cada aniversario de la ciudad; es un parque temático con atracciones interactivas y artisticas inspiradas en la luz.

El evento es gratuito y será del 13 al 16 de febrero de 7pm a 11:30 pm en el Centro Histórico de Guadalajara.

El recorrido es libre, pero sugerimos que lo comiences en el Hospicio Cabañas o en el Mercado Corona para que puedas disfrutar la mayoría de las atracciones.
Todas las actividades se repiten todos los días.

El festival es de entrada libre y no habrá ningún costo para participar. Habrá pulseras interactivas las cuales son parte de un espectáculo y se les estarán prestando minutos antes de que éste comience. Las podrás obtener con los voluntarios del evento. Es importante devolverlas al finalizar el espectáculo para que los demás asistentes puedan vivir la experiencia.

GDLUZ its a traditional celebration for Guadalajara anniversary. It is a thematic park with interesting attractions based in light.

It is a no cover festival and it will be on February 13th, 14th 15th and 16th from 19:00 hrs to 23:30 hrs at Guadalajara Historic Downtown.

We highly recommend to start at “Hospicio Cabañas” or in “Mercado Corona” in order to enjoy more attractions.

In fact, all activities will repeat every day at every hour (19:00hrs, 20:00hrs, 21:00hrs and 22:00hrs).

There will be special light bracelets which are part of the show and they will be borrowed minutes before the show.

You may be able to have yours with the staff team. It is important to return them at the ending.

Romantic places to spend Valentine´s day in Guadalajara

Valentine’s Day is that day in every couple’s life when they thrive to relive the unique bond they share, and when someone somewhere finally decides to tell that one special person how much they mean to them. It is important to celebrate it in such a way, that it leaves an everlasting impact over your lover.

And what could be a better way of celebrating it, than in a distant, dreamy, gorgeous location, that makes you fall for each other all over again in beautiful and colorful Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Chapala Lake

Spend your valentine’s day on Mexico´s largest lake, which well known as one of the most romantic places in Guadalajara for Valentine’s Day. Make lasting promises in the arms of your lover as the boat slowly rows through the laden waters.


What better a place for romance than the green landscapes of Mazamitla, Jalisco. Have a passionate adventurous tour of zip-lines, Atv´s and horse riding for two and get entwined in each other’s charm at one of the sweetest places to go on Valentine’s Day. For instance, we strongly recommend staying at the beautiful wooden cabins for an even more beautiful experience of your getaway..


Spend a romantic evening with your significant other while basking in the magnificent blue agave fields in Tequila, Jalisco. Become and expert in the tequila making process. In other words, one of the best places to go on Valentine’s Day

Los Colomos forest

Walk hand in hand on Guadalajara´s famous forest with your beloved as you would walk with them forever through the ups and downs of life. Enjoy the lake, green landscape and tall trees. Perfect place if you are staying in Guadalajara.

Book a tour here and visit Guadalajara, Tequila, Chapala and more! Be amazed by its wonders and know the history and secrets of each place. 

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Guadalajara Personality

Guadalajara Personality

Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

Guadalajara, state capital of Jalisco, is one of those cities with a distinct identity, if cities could have a personality, Guadalajara could be the most traditional city in Mexico. If there is a state that has it all, and which reflects the purest Mexican essence, that’s Jalisco.

Guadalajara JaliscoEarth dressed in blue mantles agave tequila scented musts and reflected in the waters of Chapala Jalisco is an incomparable destination, where traditions are tied with ropes and charro and persist though time goes.

The Pearl of the West, the beautiful capital that is embraced by municipalities twinned make a whole.

Guadalajara Personality

Zapopano Vanguardia and development; tonalteca home crafts, Tlaquepaque pure tradition, mystic Tlajomulco manners and so it builds up to be the heartbeat of the State, there Guadalajara looks ancient temples and neighborhoods, being the focus of a state dynamic constant development.

Jalisco is faith and beliefs rooted in its beautiful cities, is Huichol handicrafts and Vallarta beaches in beautiful women and majestic mountains, wonderful beaches and magical mountain villages, is the destination, Mexico in every sense of the word.

Lovely small, with strong traditions Jalisco and you will receive love.

He is eager to show her charms, that live in it a thousand emotions.

Continue Reading about Guadalajara Personality

When talking about the symbols of Mexico, that comes to mind? The mariachis, singers in costumes and hats on his head, no doubt will be what you remember first. Like tequila drink that has gained much fame worldwide. For football fans, Mexico is the land where Pele and company., Won the World Cup three-peat in 1970, a team many consider the best nostalgic selection of all time.

But before being symbols of Mexican mariachis, tequila – and why not tell the tri Brazilian campaign, are icons of the state of Jalisco, which is southwest of Mexico City and carries the reputation of being, as seen by these examples, the birthplace of many traditions. In addition to proudly wear Mexican roots, other magnets in the region are the beaches in the Pacific, such as Puerto Vallarta, and the cities that have a beautiful colonial architecture, such as Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco and a modern metropolis and economic center, which is just behind Mexico City, 650 miles away, Guadalajara is known as the “Pearl of the West”, thanks to the impressive colonial buildings, flanked by successive squares.

historic Centre

The Wall of Catharsis and the Teatro Degollado in Guadalajara is a delight to walk the historic center of Guadalajara, always full of vendors crackling pepper or fruit already cut and people coming in and out of places like the cathedral, next to the Plaza de Armas and gazebo.

The construction of this temple was in 1542, but still did not end until the 18th century. After the earthquakes of 1750 and 1818, won the cathedral towers covers striking yellow tiles along the altars and 18th century paintings and 19 in the sacristy, turned it into a postcard of the city. Nearby, at the corner of Avenida Hidalgo and Calle Liceo is the Regional Museum of Guadalajara, an imposing 18th century building.

The space features exhibits of paleontology and archeology – among the items on display are a complete mammoth skeleton and a replica of a well’s tomb discovered in Zapopan. The objects speak a little history of the region and the local Indians as well as paintings by artists from Jalisco, complete the collection.

From there, you can go in many directions to continue enjoying the architecture of the colonial era, such as Liberation Square, just behind the cathedral. There are, for example, the Supreme Court of the State of Jalisco, which occupies the former convent of Santa Maria de Gracia, built between 1588 and 1590.

The Teatro Degollado, still in activity and behavior 1400, is another attraction of the piece, with a portico of eight Corinthian columns and a frieze at the top showing Apollo and the nine Muses. Inside, greatness is not minor: there are five floors decorated in gold and red and a dome painted with scenes of the Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri. The contemporary style of the plaza is the Wall Catharsis dry stone wall where people leave little notes with their complaints or desires, tucked into the veins of the rocks.

Orozco’s murals

The mural by Jose Clemente Orozco in the Supreme Court of Guadalajara, next to the Government Palace (Calle Moreno Corona Avenue) built in 1774 in Baroque style and today is used as the seat of government of the state of Jalisco. The highlight is the large and impressive murals by José Clemente Orozco (1883-1949), an artist of the Expressionist influence painting with bold shapes and bright colors.

Plaza football team

Plaza Brasil, where Brazil began the World Cup three-peat in Guadalajara and conquered the whole city, building the Plaza Brasil became a square outside the Jalisco Stadium, where the team unprecedented Pele, Jairzinho, penny, Rivelino and company played the first phase of the World Cup 1970.

In addition to a large sign that says “City Plaza Brasil pays homage to the brotherly people to commemorate the World Cup,” the place has a set of bronze sculptures by the artist Miguel Miramontes, consisting of three players in a ball in positions typical of football.

If in addition to seeing the statue in the square and be on the outside of the Jalisco Stadium can watch a game of football Mexican championship since Guadalajara has two teams, Chivas and Atlas, playing first division Mexican league football.

The time of purchase

Tlaquepaque, today a district of Guadalajara, in the outskirts of Guadalajara, there are two mandatory things to do: visit a tequila distillery and go to the “suburbs” of the city artisanal mines and decorative objects. Tlaquepaque is one of the suburbs, even glued to Guadalajara, retains an indoor climate.

Besides a great fair which runs every day and that is all kinds of Badulaque – is one thing and another very interesting, he dressed as normally embroidery – Tlaquepaque has several interesting shops crafts selling sculptures, ceramics and objects of various materials, paper mache wood and metal and glass, often with exorbitant prices.

The ancient city, which was once a destination for elegant summer is also the place where the residents of Guadalajara lunch (or dinner) on weekends and holidays, so tourists can and should do in a given day. This is because Tlaquepaque meets several charming restaurants – one of the champions of the preference is welcome Parian, next to the central plaza. It is a complex comprising nearly two dozen restaurants. All with one side overlooking the courtyard, where a gazebo that houses the famous mariachi performances, one of the main symbols of the State of Jalisco.

Another place to shop is Tonala, formerly an independent town and now also a kind of neighborhood in the city. The place will certainly women, especially, madness, as it has about 400 workshops which produce all kinds of decorative items, souvenirs and clothing, among others. To not walk aimlessly visit Tonala prefer Sundays and Thursdays, when the streets are stalls selling items “coveted”.

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Guadalajara Zoo

Guadalajara Zoo

Guadalajara Zoo Attractions Inaugurated in 1988, in over 25 years of operation, Guadalajara zoo has developed over 50 hectares of natural setting for its 1,400 habitants, and keeps a natural reservation of 280 hectares to safegard the diversity of Huentitan canion.


Guadalajara Zoo Map

The newest attraction is the chairlift that covers over two miles of cable overseeing the animal species from an eyebirds perspective. Each chair seats two people that transports the visitor at an altitude of over 20 feet.

The Rancho Vet allows the public to know and have close contact with domestic animals. Most children have the opportunity to become?

Veterinarians for a day? and work directly with living species to which oscultan within a clinic that has all the equipment and instruments need a medical professional. This is a way to learn to respect and love nature.


The roofed auditorium with capacity for 3,500 visitors comfortably seated, presents two daily shows, trained birds and reptiles. In addition to special programs taking place in the park.


The Herpetarium presents the visitor through their terrariums scenic, habitat and habits of the reptile world: as crocodiles, snakes, iguanas, turtles arthropods and other animals. His new look has a totally remodeled comfortable making the visit and observation of species.


There is a scenic train that runs through the park facilities and allows the visitor to know more about the species on display through explanations of the guides.

The Villa Australian is a space dedicated to this extraordinary continent, which are the world’s most extravagant species like the koala, a species first visited a zoo in Latin America: Guadalajara Zoo.


Currently housed in a free-flight aviary budgies and nymphs which can be powered by the same visitors. Also you can have a real encounter with red kangaroos, one of the tallest species reaching measure 1.75mts in adulthood, which you can admire very closely.

Animal Research, is a space full of cutting edge interactive technology where visitors engage in observation, experience and reflection of our habits and behaviors with respect to species animals, for the mutual preservation of our environment.

The CIA is the most daring of animal learning and fun in the city. A unique opportunity to see science related to animals, art and everyday life.

In Guadalajara

Guadalajara Zoo

Guadalajara Zoo 
Live this great adventure inside the thematic áreas in Guadalajara Zoo. Newest great attraction is the Aquarium, majestic aquatic area where you will be face to sharks. Look at the 1400 + Animal species from the chairlifts system surrounding the amusement park.


Mexican Rodeo
Very Popular in Guadalajara Jalisco and a real recognized sport with strict rules and lots of competition. It is Mexican for NASCAR. Men and women compete wearing colorful Mexican cowboy costumes trimmed in silver studs.
More information about Mexican rodeo

Guachimontones Pyramids in Guadalajara

Guachimontones Pyramids
Discover the great prehispanic cultures that flourished in western Mexico. This magical area is full of attractions covered during a trip. This volador ceremonial precinct was home to 30,000 + inhabitants formed a unique culture archaeologists call Teuchitlán.
More information about Guachimontones

Tequila Jimador working harvesting agave

Added to the attractions of its prestigious tequila distilleries and the great cultural heritage of its historic center, Tequila town now added multiple excuses to be visited, holding exhibitions and cultural events, Since distinguised with title of Pueblo Magico.
Read more information on visiting Tequila

Tourism in Guadalajara Mexico

Downtown Guadalajara
A walking tour of the historic district Guadalajara starts inside the Government Palace, imposible to do it from a bus. Great murals are displayed inside Degollado Theater and other wonderful colonial buildings discover during your tour visit to the Pearl of the West.
Read more information on Guadalajara Tour

Lake Chapala

Lake Chapala
Lake Chapala hábitat is one of the most diverse in Mexico and a critical habitat for several species of migratory birds, indigenous plants and animals. Ajijic, nearby, is home of the largest US and Canadian population outside their country of origin.
Read more information on Lake Chapala

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