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Mexican Lucha in Guadalajara

Mexican pro wrestling, or lucha libre, is a must-see spectacle for visitors to Guadalajara. If you’re planning a visit to this Mexican metropolis, make sure you’re in town on a Tuesday night for a spectacle like no other. Lucha libre is where the best of the best wrestlers battle in colorful masks and costumes to […]

Best things to do in Guadalajara Downtown

If you’re looking for things to do in Guadalajara, head over to the Centro Histórico. Admire the beautiful architecture of Guadalajara´s Cathedral with a stunning neo-gothic style. Discover the most important landmarks, in a beautiful carriage ride tour. Appreciate the beauty of riding at night, see all the lighted monuments. Visit Hospicio Cabañas. This UNESCO […]

GDLUZ 2019

GDLUZ its a traditional celebration for Guadalajara anniversary. It is a thematic park with interesting attractions based in light. It is a no cover festival and it will be on February 13th, 14th 15th and 16th from 19:00 hrs to 23:30 hrs at Guadalajara Historic Downtown. We highly recommend to start at “Hospicio Cabañas” or […]