Guadalajara Weather information in March

The Guadalajara region is considered the second best climate in the world, after Kenya, is blessed by a diversity of microclimates. As most everywhere in Mexico, elevation rules the climate. If on a Guadalajara winter day, you hanker fo some warmth, simply travel 30 minutes downhill on the Santiago River Canyon and bask in the heat of perpetual summer-or get the same effect three hours south in Colima´s Volcano, Puerto Vallarta, or Manzanillo.

Guadalajara´s winter day are from December to February, days will usually be mild and springlike, clinbing to around 73 º F (24 º C) by noon, wiht nights dropping to a temperature 45ºF (5ºC), Winter visitors should pack a sweater or light jacket.

Month High °F Low °F High °C Low °C Rainfall In. Rain fall Cm
March 86 45 30 7 .17 .43

Sunrise Sunset

How is the weather is Guadalajara Mexico in March?

Historical weather for Guadalajara

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