In Guadalajara Attractions


Inaugurated in 1988, in over 25 years of operation, Guadalajara zoo has developed over 50 hectares of natural setting for its 1,400 habitants, and keeps a natural reservation of 280 hectares to safegard the diversity of Huentitan canion.


Guadalajara Zoo MapThe newest attraction is the chairlift that covers over two miles of cable overseeing the animal species from an eyebirds perspective. Each chair seats two people that transports the visitor at an altitude of over 20 feet.

The Rancho Vet allows the public to know and have close contact with domestic animals. Most children have the opportunity to become?

Veterinarians for a day? and work directly with living species to which oscultan within a clinic that has all the equipment and instruments need a medical professional. This is a way to learn to respect and love nature.

The roofed auditorium with capacity for 3,500 visitors comfortably seated, presents two daily shows, trained birds and reptiles. In addition to special programs taking place in the park.


The Herpetarium presents the visitor through their terrariums scenic, habitat and habits of the reptile world: as crocodiles, snakes, iguanas, turtles arthropods and other animals. His new look has a totally remodeled comfortable making the visit and observation of species.

There is a scenic train that runs through the park facilities and allows the visitor to know more about the species on display through explanations of the guides.

The Villa Australian is a space dedicated to this extraordinary continent, which are the world’s most extravagant species like the koala, a species first visited a zoo in Latin America: Guadalajara Zoo.

Currently housed in a free-flight aviary budgies and nymphs which can be powered by the same visitors. Also you can have a real encounter with red kangaroos, one of the tallest species reaching measure 1.75mts in adulthood, which you can admire very closely.

Animal Research, is a space full of cutting edge interactive technology where visitors engage in observation, experience and reflection of our habits and behaviors with respect to species animals, for the mutual preservation of our environment.

The CIA is the most daring of animal learning and fun in the city. A unique opportunity to see science related to animals, art and everyday life.

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